Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is any form of sexualized behavior that occurs without consent. Consent is verbal or nonverbal affirmative communication, and is required to be voluntary, affirmative and continuous. Sexual Violence is a broader category that just sexual assault (unwanted sexual touching) and includes experiences such as stalking, street harassment (ie. Cat-calling), revenge porn, jokes about sexual assaults, and others.

In our Canadian culture, certain harmful narratives exist around sexual violence that creates a rape culture and an environment where victims/ survivors are often blamed for experiencing violence. Questions like, “What were you wearing,” “Why were you drinking?” or comments like, “They would never do that, they’re a good person,” “You just regret that you had sex with them” all put the onus on the victim/survivor and not on the perpetrator. Sexual violence is never the fault of the victim/survivor.

1 in 4

1 in 4 women is estimated to have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact during their lifetime5


13.3% of men is estimated to have experienced some type of non contact unwanted sexual experience during their lifetime6


41% of sexual assaults are committed against students7


1/5 of sexual assaults are committed against Indigenous women8

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If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, please reach out and speak to someone who can offer information, referrals and support. View our support page for more information.